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Leah is an award winning actor and performer (and singer, aerialist, producer, teaching artist...) originally from Seattle, currently based in Los Angeles.


Drawn to stories that explore the question of how we, the ordinary inhabitants of this world, carry out a life that feels full and special, she believes in the power of performance as a tool to cultivate compassion and crystallize change.

Leah holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Theatre and English from Haverford College and has recently worked with Macha Theatre Works and New York Stage & Film's Powerhouse Theatre.

FifthWave_ProdPhotos_Iano_2022 (23).jpg

The Fifth Wave with Macha Theatre Works, February 2022 (Photo by Joe Iano)

           In The Press

"Jarvik manages a daughter at odds with her mother's history and point of view superbly."

                   - Broadway World, The Fifth Wave Review

"That cast does impressive work throughout [...] Leah Jarvik, as daughter Jess, also delves below a sunny surface to unpack her character’s own struggle"

                    -The Seattle Times, The Fifth Wave Review



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