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Recent theatre highlights... 

Boom Headshot-8.5x11in-Poster-R2 (1).jpg

Boom, Headshot!

MB Productions, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Dir. Jared Pixler 

Role: Barbara


"Boom, Headshot! A Geek Tragedy Book and lyrics by Scout Storey Music by Nick Morgan Direction by Jared Pixler A guild of close-knit, basement-dwelling MMORPG players takes on the apocalypse from the ephemeral safety of their avatars in “Boom, Headshot! A Geek Tragedy”—a rockin’ ode to gaming, online friendships, and acceptance told through song and synthpop… all with a side of pizza puffs. "

Every Brilliant Thing Poster 1_4.jpg

Every Brilliant Thing (2023)

CalArts Master's Thesis (Guest Artist), Dir. Yameng Deng

Role: Solo Performer

Leah returns to perform her all time favorite solo play for the third time, now as a Guest Artist for a graduate thesis production at CalArts. 

"You’re six years old. Mum’s in hospital. Dad says she’s 'done something stupid.' She finds it hard to be happy. So you start to make a list of everything that’s brilliant about the world. Everything that’s worth living for. Soon, the list will take on a life of its own. A play about depression and the lengths we will go to for those we love."


The Fifth Wave

Macha Theatre Works, Dir. Amy Poissan 

Role: Jess

"Twenty-five years after a life-changing event forged her role as a feminist icon, Maxx is now ensconced comfortably as a beloved professor at a private university.  After news of an alleged sexual assault rocks the campus, fear is ignited, loyalties are tested, and Maxx must decide what she is willing to risk as her long-suppressed rage begins to rise again. Meanwhile her daughter Jess and the rest of the students must choose for themselves who to believe and what to believe in." WORLD PREMIER.



Culver City Public Theater, Dir. Trace Oakley

Role: Cybernella

Cybernella is a futuristic fairy tale written by famed children’s playwright Claire Boiko. It takes the classic Cinderella into the future, where the title character is a robot housekeeper, working her circuits to the bone for two self obsessed, jet-setting sisters and their publicity seeking mom. Who will win the heart of royal rock star Prince Harmony?

alchemysts theatre.JPG

I Did The Holidays My Way

Tales of the Alchemysts Theatre, Dir. Laura Ferri

Role: Daughter (Lead) in Nona Maccabeus, and Elf in Reb Kringle

Tales of the Alchemysts Theatre spins words and music into gold and, this December, delivers holiday cheer to residents of Summit House, a Jewish retirement home. This Book-It Style performance of Nona Maccabeus by Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer and Reb Kringle by Nathan Englander brings some of the light and magic of Hanukkah into the hearts of those who may have been without family and left with only memories this year.  

BWP_FB Cover 2.png

Blood Water Paint

Macha Theatre Works

Role: Susanna

"Blood Water Paint is an audaciously imaginative and unflinching portrayal of Artemisia Gentileschi, an Italian Baroque painter now considered one of the most accomplished of her generation (...) Based on true events, Blood Water Paint unfolds lyrically through interactions with the women featured in Artemisia’s most famous paintings" (Macha Theatre Works)

Read NWTheatre's review : ‘Blood Water Paint’ Layers Artistry, Sexism, Violence, and Resilience Into a Vivid Portrait

Winters Tale banner.jpg

The Winter's Tale

Powerhouse Theater, dir. Andrew Willis-Woodward

Role: Paulina

"A tale of Kings and Queens, love and jealousy, oracles and mysteries, storms and disguises, and an often-referred-to bear. A fanciful romp, but questions of redemption, accountability, and "happy" endings linger in this new adaptation of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale." (NYS&F)

Soundpainting banner.jpg

Head Above Water... 

Powerhouse Theatre, Part of “Late Night at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center”.

Role: Ensemble (Devised work)

"You've been ignoring this leak for some time, haven't you? There's been so many other things to focus on. Your work, your dog, your succulent. But the water is cold and it's rising and your arms are getting tired from treading. But don't worry. There's some rescue boats on the way. 

Keep Your Head Above Water So As Not to Sink utilizes the gestural composing language of Soundpainting to create a spontaneous, ensemble-based improvised performance about how to stay afloat when the water is pouring in" (NYS&F).


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Every Brilliant Thing (2019)

Haverford/Bryn Mawr Colleges, Senior Thesis

Solo show by Duncan MacMillan, Directed and performed by Leah Jarvik 

Over the course of an hour, this solo show cracks open the hearts of audience members with it's loving and delicately direct look at mental health, depression and suicide. Full of warmth, joy, sorrow, and audience interaction. Audiences say:

“Amazing. Absolutely. Incredible. Like walking through someone’s imagination.”

“I didn't know theatre could be like this. I loved this. I wish it was longer.”

“I wish I had seen this in high school. […] Thank you for making me feel this.”

 “It was brilliant!”


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